General Information


Pre-Congress Workshops and Opening of the meeting on September 19 will be at:
ACTA – the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam,
Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004, Amsterdam

The venue of the congress September 20-22  is:
meer en vaart 300, 1068 LE Amsterdam



About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From Amsterdam canals to world-famous Amsterdam museums and historical Amsterdam sights, it is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. Amsterdam is also a city of tolerance and diversity. It has all the advantages of a big city: rich culture, lively Amsterdam nightlife, international restaurants, good transport system – but is quiet, and largely thanks to its extensive canals, has a little road traffic.

Travel Information

Eurobiofilms 2017 will take place from the 19th till the 22nd of September 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For your convenience we have drafted up some information on how to get around.

Amsterdam has a fine maze of public transport lines and is by far the easiest way to get around. It’s a reliable and affordable way to reach any destination.

In the public transport you can use a chipcard. This is the payment method used for public transport throughout the Netherlands. You can obtain the paper chip tickets at either a station or on the bus/tram. When you purchase this ticket, it has a preloaded travel product on it, for example, 1 hours or multiple days of travel.

If you are intending on traveling a lot by public transport we would advise you to purchase a multiple day ticket (72 hr/€17, 96 hr/€22) either at the transport company GVB, (see link below) or buy a Amsterdam Travel Ticket (72 hr/€26) (see link below). Both can be purchased at the airport and the latter also includes the train transfer from Schiphol airport to the city centre. Please go to the links below on where to get the cards and on how to use them.

Arrival at Schiphol airport

Upon arrival at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, the best way to get into Amsterdam is to find your way to the public transport system. Simply collect your bags, follow the signs from the Arrivals Hall, and you’ll be on your way in no time. A train ride to Amsterdam Central station takes around 15 minutes and always leaves from track 1-2.

If you do opt to take a taxi, please be warned only to use official taxi’s from the taxi stand. These are located just outside the departures lounge and is well signposted. Do not take unsolicited rides from taxi touts. Average taxi fares from the Schiphol to the city centre are around €35.

Getting to Eurobiofilms 2017

This meeting will be held on two different locations.

The Pre-conference workshops and the Opening Ceremony will take place at the home of the local organising committee; the Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam (ACTA) on Tuesday September 19th and the Scientific Program will be held at the Meervaart Theatre in Amsterdam from the Wednesday the 20th till Friday the 22nd of September.

To get to both venues we advise you to use the public transport system .Both venues are easily accessible from both Amsterdam City Centre as Schiphol Airport.

The Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam is located at the Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004, Amsterdam and can be reached as followed:

From Central Station
Type: Line: Destination: Stop: Walking distance:
Metro 51 Amstelveen Westwijk De Boelelaan/VU 8 minute
Tram 5 Amstelveen Binnenhof De Boelelaan/VU 8 minute
Tram 24 VU medical centre VU medical centre 1 minute
From Schiphol Airport
Bus 310 Station Zuid VU medical centre 1 minute

See map:  ACTA building.pdf for an overview map with the stops

The Meervaart theatre is located at Meer en Vaart 300, Amsterdam and can be reached as followed:

From Central Station
Type: Line: Destination: Stop: Walking distance:
Tram 17 Osdorp Dijkgraafplein Ruimzicht 1 minute
Tram 1 Osdorp De Aker Meer en Vaart 3 minute
From Schiphol Airport
Bus 69 Amsterdam Sloterdijk Ruimzicht 1 minute

See map:  The Meervaart.pdf for an overview map with the stops

To find detailed information on how to reach both venues from your hotel please go to and fill in the address of either location.

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